OPAL Advisor

Rodrigo Ramirez '06

Rodrigo Ramírez ’06
Assistant Dean & Advisor to Latino/a Students

Rodrigo graduated from Dartmouth in 2006 with a double-major in Psychological & Brain Sciences and Asian and Middle Eastern Languages & Literatures (Japanese).  He became interested in higher education due to his desire to work with students.  After graduation, he first worked at the Collis Center & Student Activities, where he focused on assessment, outreach, and programming.  In 2007, he joined Dartmouth Career Services as the Outreach and Program Coordinator, and was later promoted to Assistant Director.  While at Career Services, he developed a new marketing and branding strategy for the office, coordinated outreach, programming and assessment, and advised students on their career and educational development.  Rodrigo is passionate about working with students, faculty, and staff to strengthen the Latina/o community at Dartmouth and to support the academic success and leadership development of all students.

  1. I recently received a letter from the Associate Director of Admission Outreach Manager ,to take a closer look at applying to Dartmouth, I’m sure its just a form letter. Coming form East Los Angeles, I’m applying to colleges that have an interest in helping the Latino community on campus and off. From what I see in Dartmouth now it looks like they hold to this philosophy , would I be correct?. Any other input you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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