La Casa

Residents gather around for La Casa's Bar-B-Que event

Residents gather around for La Casa’s Bar-B-Que event

Located at 42 College Street, La Casa provides an academic, cultural, and social immersion for students interested in studying Spanish cultures and languages. A faculty member resides in the house with 10 upperclass students.  La Casa has 4 double rooms and 2 single rooms.Sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, La Casa is designed to serve as a center and meeting place for a wide variety of activities related to Hispanic, Latino, Latin American, Spanish and Luso-Brazilian cultures and languages.  These activities take place over the entire academic year, and can include hosting invited speakers, workshops, video and film series, round table discussions, gatherings of student organizations, ‘fiestas,’ and other extracurricular activities.  Student residents of La Casa take an active role in programming activities and events for the house and its community. The official languages of La Casa are Spanish and Portuguese, which are spoken among residents in group situations, with the Faculty Advisor, and with Spanish and Portuguese-speaking guests.  The goal of student residency at La Casa is to obtain a cultural, social, and linguistic immersion experience for students on the Dartmouth College campus.

  • Program Advisor: Patricia Barros ’13

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