La Alianza Latina

La Alianza Cook-Out

La Alianza Cook-Out


La Alianza Latina will strive to foster a comfortable space for Latino students at Dartmouth College and encourage the acceptance and appreciation of our community. The purpose for which La Alianza Latina is to be organized shall be consistent of a liberal arts education as pursued by Dartmouth College.


Our guiding principle is to foster, advance, and promote Latino heritages and awareness of issues facing the community. Furthermore, we aim to create a strong Latino presence and identity on Dartmouth’s campus while recognizing the immense diversity within our community.

Exec Board:

  • Co-President: Nicole Castillo ’17 and Perla Sibaja ’17
  • Treasurer: Estefani Marin ’17
  • Secretary: Michelle Martinez ’17
  • Social Chairs: Gaby Manzanares ’17 and Jessica Cantos ’18
  • Academic Chair: Cecilia Torres ’18
  • Historian: Cindy Ramirez ’18
  • Moderator: Vanessa Soncco ’18
  • Freshman Committee:
    Valeria Ramirez
    Cindy Ramirez
    Jennifer Hernandez
    Cesar Rufino
    Yesenia Mejia
    Cecilia Torres

  • Advisors: Rodrigo Ramirez ’06, Dean Teoby Gomez




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