Inter-Community Council

Founded in 2004, I-CC facilitates effective communication among diverse campus communities.The I-CC is made up of selected students who serve as liaisons to the following communities- Women, Men, International, Black/African American, Latina/o, Pan Asian, Native American, LGBT, Multi-faith, Greek letter, Accessibility, Athlete, Environmental Justice, and Socioeconomic Class.The I-CC provides a space for the liaisons to identify and share ideas, goals, needs & concerns that connect communities together. The I-CC advocates for the interests of various groups/communities at Dartmouth to the administration, the alumni and other outside groups in order to help ensure that the Dartmouth community remains a healthy, nurturing environment for all students

Latino/Latina Community Liaison: Yomalis Roario ’15 & Marco Herndon ’16

Co-Chairs: Elise Smith ’13 & Troy Dildine ’13

Accessibility Community Liaison:  Alex Leach ’14

Athletics Community Liason: Keta Burke-Williams ’15 & Pallavi Kuppa-Apte ’14

Black and African-American Community Liason:  Malcolm Leverett ’14 & Kevin Gillespie ’15

Greek Letter Community Liason:  Alex Wolf ’14 & Annie Oppenheim ’15

International Community Liason: Kiko Lam ’14

LGBTQ Community Liaison: Rohail Premjee ’14

Men’s Community Liason: Sam Winters ’14

Multi-Faith Community Liaison: Elena Karis ’15

Native American Community: Phoebe Racine ’14

Pan Asian Community Liaison: James Lee ’13

Socioeconomic Class Community Liaison: Hui Cheng ’16

Sustainability Community Liason: Katharine Rohn ’14

Women’s Community Liaison: Karima Ma ’14


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