Latino Partnership for Success


Program Requirements:

Each week you will have a task to complete. In order to receive the stipend at the end of the term both you and your partner must successfully complete all the assignments/tasks for the term. Some tasks will have more flexible times (you get to schedule an appt. time that works for you and your partner) other tasks will be mandatory meetings for the whole group.


You are allowed to miss 1 task/meeting individually, only with a good excuse (for example: a practice or lab you can’t reschedule).  You must email me and my intern directly with your reason for missing it.

Any task you miss must be made up or replaced by another, usually related to the same office, which we will assign to you.


This program will be very big on accountability! Because you are being counted as a pair, it is your duty to hold your partner accountable.


Each activity/task is due the following week after it is assigned.


For each task you will be required to write a short (150-300 word) account about what you learned or how the office is useful in the style of “Why you should use ( x department/office)!” which may be posted on our community blog.

You’ll also get an email with a signature sheet for the tasks which are not group meetings. For group meetings attendance will be taken.


This was the schedule for last year’s program, we are still working on finalizing this year’s schedule:

Week of Term, Fall Program
Week 1 Application Available
Week 2 Application Due/LPS Retreat
Week 3 Career Services
Week 4 Undergraduate Deans Office
Week 5 Latina/o Community Dinner
Week 6 Latin@ Organizations and Noche Dorada


Week 7 Undergraduate Research
Week 8 Individually Chosen Event

TiltFactor Lab presentation and experiment

Week 9 Latina/o Student Advising
Week 10 LPS Closing Dinner



Office Descriptions


Career Services – Your task is to attend a drop-in session/or office tour to learn about what Career Services can do for you. Highly Recommended: sign-up for a MBTI interpretation as a pair. (If you actually complete the MBTI and interpretation, you may use this as a substitute for missing another task)


Undergraduate Deans Office – Meet your dean! Deans are an awesome resource to go to for academic advising, personal issues, and college policies. Your dean is an important person to know and someone you can rely on during your time at Dartmouth! You must schedule an appt. to meet with either one of your deans to discuss how you should work with him or her and to get some academic advice.


Latin@ Organizations and Noche Dorada – Meet the Latin@ organizations and come have dinner at the Noche Dorada event! (If this event is at a bad time for you, you may substitute it with another community event)


Undergraduate Research – Provides funding for research with Dartmouth Professors. In this group meeting you will learn how to apply for this research, what other Dartmouth students have been able to do in the past and other valuable information.


Alternate Offices (More instructions to be given later)


Academic Skills Center – Need help with classes? Academic Skills Center will be giving a presentation on the available programs (Learning @ Dartmouth, Tutor Clearinghouse, etc.) that can help you academically succeed. You will also learn about time-management and other valuable skills.


Financial Aid – Don’t understand your financial aid? The financial aid office will give us information on how to read your financial aid and what they can do to financially help you get through your 4 years at Dartmouth.


Tucker Foundation – Tucker Foundation provides many opportunities for students to serve community service in and outside the Dartmouth community. Learn about the various Tucker internships and how to apply for them!


RWIT – Provides many services including editing, and writing help. You will schedule an pair meeting with an RWIT tutor to learn more about this, or to go over one of your papers for the term!


Latina/o Student Advising – You have an Assistant Dean and Advisor, Rodrigo Ramirez ‘06 who is here to help guide you with any aspect of your Dartmouth experience.  Before the end of the term you and your partner are required to schedule a 30 minute meeting with Rodrigo to discuss your interests, experience and other topics.



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