Crips/Blood Update

Update to the Dartmouth Community regarding Alpha Delta Fraternity and Tri-Delta Sorority’s “Crips & Bloods” themed party
Dear Community Members,
Alpha Delta and Tri-Delt have taken responsibility for hosting the “bloods and crips” event last month. The Tri-Delt leadership have asked for support from GLOS, OPAL, and the NAACP to help them prevent such incidents from taking place again at Dartmouth. The GLC is discussing educational initiatives and possible adoption of a policy and/or guidelines for themed events that better reflects the Greek community’s commitment to hosting inclusive events. Both OPAL and GLOS will be supporting the community of Greek organizations in addressing these issues, including possible policy development and member education activities. Several student organizations, working closely with the NAACP and other student organizations at Dartmouth, will also participate in developing these restorative efforts.
Dartmouth is fully committed to fostering an environment that is diverse, welcoming, and inclusive. Incidents such as this, which violate our sense of community and mutual respect, have no place on our campus. Collectively, the NAACP, the GLC, GLOS, OPAL and others on campus are deeply troubled and disappointed by the lack of respect and stereotypes such events perpetuate. As we move forward, we are proud to take responsibility for contributing to the development of a welcoming, respectful, and intellectual environment where critical thinking and understanding are practiced inside and outside of the classroom.
Wes Schaub – GLOS
Alysson Satterlund – OPAL
You Can End Bias at Dartmouth
All members of the Dartmouth Community have a responsibility to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment. If you are the target of, witness to, or even simply hear about any form of bias at Dartmouth, you should submit a Bias Impact Report immediately. These reports, which can be anonymous, assist the College in tracking, investigating, or responding to bias incidents in order to mitigate their impact on our community. Ending bias at Dartmouth begins with you.

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