Welcoming President Hanlon 8/2/13

The Latin@ Community Welcomes President Hanlon to LALACS!


1. Introductions

2.  Discuss the goals for the upcoming year

Short Term

1. Institutionalizing Latino Heritage Month

-We would like for you to address/publicize it throughout Dartmouth College (e.g. meetings)

-We would like for you to attend one of the events during Latino Heritage Month

2. Funding

-We would like to be able to hire someone aside from our Latino Advisor to write grants (similar to how the Native American Program gets their funding)

-We would like for you to reach out and form a better Alumnus Network, so that we can get more donations throughout the year (especially for Latino Heritage Month, the Parent Fund, etc.)

3. Parent Fund for Parent Family Weekend/Graduation

-We would like for you to find ways to subsidize costs for parents to travel to Dartmouth College, especially for students who are receiving financial aid (have an application process)

Long Term

1. Multicultural House

-LALACS does not serve as the resource center it was intended to be

-OPAL staff/organizations could be located here

-Serve as a healthy/neutral social space for co-sponsored events (especially community dinners, where we can invite more people—there is a lack of space in many Affinity Houses)

-Serve as a space where the Chavez Fellow could host office hours

2. Faculty of Color

-Research how to maintain them

-Encourage greater representation of faculty of color in higher positions—such as the Board of Trustees/The CAP (whom ultimately make the decision to maintain faculty of color)

3. Undocumented Students

-Contact: Professor Anguiano and Professor Gutierrez

-Create a group to discuss ways in which they can feel more comfortable sharing their information (sign a waiver)

-Create a stipend program because they cannot work in most campus jobs since campus jobs require timesheets

-Access to a network prior to graduating

-Pay for lawyer fees/Reduce costs for lawyer fees (create an application process)

4. Cultural Sensitivity Distributive

-Faculty must be trained



-Join us at our Senior Send-Off event at the end of the year!

-Join us at any of our dinners throughout the year!

-Host more office hours for students, especially for some of our Latino Advisor’s Interns, which can then relay the information to the people who attend the Latino Advisory Council meetings

-Overall, we want more transparency!


Notes from the Meeting:

Short Term Goals:

Latino Heritage Month:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 – October 15: Dartmouth Latino Heritage Month October 1st – November 2nd
  • Speakers: Cost – too high

○     Administration, ideas about speakers

○     College bring the cost down – right person to talk to

  • Take a part of this:

○     Endorse/Publicize

○     Student-led effort, events that would be going on – President Hanlon is supporting

○     Who would lead these events

■     Professors, Students, Faculty

○     Resources?

○     Native American students:

■     Writing grants, carrying/delegating tasks

Parent Fund:

  • Latinos representation in Family Weekends
  • Subsidizing flights/travels/accommodation
  • Graduation: Parents cannot come

○     Money is an issue

Socioeconomic Issues/Class Diversity

  • Talking about class/lower class backgrounds is hard to do
  • Not the full Dartmouth experience

○     Sophomore Family Weekend

○     Family involvement within my community

Multicultural House

  • Residential House vs. Resource Center
  • Advisors/Mentors/OPAL faculty
  • Programming: having a place to hold spaces

○     LALACS House:

■     Interest in Latino culture

■     Rodrigo reads the application

Faculty of Color

  • Meet in the Fall
  • Bring a broader group of faculty to the meeting
  • Recruit and retain faculty

○     What does “success” mean for faculty?

  • Advance program in Michigan

○     Women in the Sciences

○     Campus-wide committee

○     Hidden bias, met with search committee on campus

○     Climate surveys

  • Underrepresented groups

○     PoC with Women in Sciences – what women?

○     Highlight what the specific needs for each of the faculty is important…

○     Intersectionality

○     Provost vs. Office of Diversity and Equity

■     Faculty vs. Professors

  • Release of information for the Fall meetings for FoC (faculty of Color)

○     Meeting students of color – Faculty of Color

  • CAP – Advisory to the President

○     Lack of Diversity within the Advisory to the President

  • Fellowships: Chavez, Eastman, and Marshall Fellowships

○     Committees and Advisories

Dartmouth Exposure in Latin-America, International Recruitment:

  • International brand, weaker than domestic brand
  • Small in scale
  • Visibility cannot be raised instantly

○     Invest in the places in which Dartmouth wishes to be recognized, or seeks recruitment

○     Beginning the conversation regarding exposure: Latin America, South America

■     Advantages

■     Study-abroad programs

  • Flights, accommodations, tuition

Undocumented Students:

  • Deferred Action:

○     Dartmouth Lawyer

○     Legal problem

○     Stipend program/undocumented students fund

○     Professors/Staff – share their concerns in numbers

○     Having a faculty/staff member who can talk to about this

  • “Study Abroad” Program for Undocumented Students

○     Domestic

Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Faculty being trained in cultural sensitivity: needed
  • Diverse experiences: Ignorance

○     PE: cultural sensitivity – rejected

  • Orientation: cultural sensitivity – a good start to distributive

Day of Reflection:

  • Ineffective
  • Privilege acknowledgement
  • Mentors Against Violence: effective programming


  • Talking about inter-group relations

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