Self‐segregation or self‐preservation?

imagesThank you to everyone who participated in welcoming alumnae Micaela Sanchez on Friday and Saturday. It was great to see new faces and having discussions about the Latina/o Community on campus. Let us continue these conversations here at Dartmouth and in our future destinations.

Self-segregation is a sticky issue, since it is one that doesn’t have clear causes nor singularly positive or negative effects. Both white and minority students choose to rush particular greek organizations or join certain cultural organizations for a multitude of reasons—such as family ties, friends and the desire to belong. All these individual decisions, in the aggregate, produce the self-segregation we observe today.

However, without decrying self-segregation outright, please consider the following question: What does diversity look like at Dartmouth? A crucial component of our college education is mingling with students of various backgrounds, an image which the majority of prospective students are fed by admissions during the college selection process. So we should ask ourselves whether true cultural exchange—an exchange that flows in all directions—is occurring at Dartmouth.

What attracts or deters you or friends when it comes to participating in Latina/o based events on campus?


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