A Record Number of Latinos Will Serve in Congress


The 113th Congress will be the most diverse- most like the rest of America
A record number of Latino lawmakers will be sworn into Congress on Thursday.The 113th Congress will have three Hispanic senators and 33 Latino representatives.

While most, 28, are Democratic, 10 are Republican. And a handful are among the most conservative members of Congress. While most Latinos cast Democratic ballots, two of the three Latino senators, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, are Republican, and all gained widespread support outside the Latino community.

Latinos aren’t the only group increasing the diversity of the new Congress. More women, 20, will join the Senate than ever before, while 81 will serve in the House. A handful of gay and lesbian representatives will serve in Congress, including the first openly bisexual member, Representative Kyrsten Sinema. The Senate will have its first Buddhist, and the House will have a Hindu serving for the first time.

This diversity is good for America. We are a diverse country with diverse ideas, but it’s important to remember that our greatness comes when we’re able to find common ground.

As Rev. Al Sharpton said on Thursday’s PoliticsNation, “We now must count on all members of Congress–Democrats and Republicans–to reach across partisan lines,” adding that learning to work with others is the hallmark of a security and proud leader. “Only insecure people are afraid of things that aren’t identical. If you’re really proud of what you are, embrace people on the other side.”


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