Latino Business Man Fulfills Dream to Become Doctor

Meet San Francisco’s Dr. Arnaldo Moreno, a Cuban-American who traded in his tie for a stethoscope after deciding making money for IBM shareholders just wasn’t enough.

His parents divorced when Arnaldo was 5, left alone with two older sisters, a single mom working multiple jobs and trying to assimilate to life in the United States. His mother placed a lot of value on education for her children, and Arnoldo received nothing but straight A’s.

His friend’s desire to attend college rubbed off on Arnaldo and he ended up at the University of California at Berkeley, where he began a pre-med program, hoping to become a doctor.

After failing both physics and calculus his first semester, Arnaldo was put on academic probation. He began to doubt his future as a medical doctor, so he took economics classes and decided to major in political science and shift his focus to working in corporate America.

Upon graduation, he worked for IBM and moved to Miami after a promotion. He led the company’s product roll-outs, marketing, and advertising functions.

After his father’s death, he walked into the IBM general manager’s office and shared his medical school plans. IBM allowed him one year to take a leave of absence to enroll in two-year a post baccalaureate, pre-med program at University of Miami to bridge his knowledge gap. He graduated in with a 3.97 GPA.

Today Dr. Moreno, Geriatric Psychiatrist, is the Medical Director for Geriatric Psychiatry at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He is also an Assistant Professor of Clinical Geriatric Psychiatry at UC San Francisco, arguably one of the nation’s top medical schools.


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