‘Sofia The First’- Disney’s First Latina Princess!

The latest royal decree from Disney… ‘Sofia the First,’ the first Latina princess!

The movie“Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess” will be premiering on Disney Channel on November 18, followed by a 2013 television series on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

In the movie, Sofia (voiced by Ariel Winter of “Modern Family”) is a regular girl who must learn to adjust to her new royal lifestyle after her mother marries King Roland II of Enchancia. But while the new princess learns the ropes at her new school Royal Prep, Disney isn’t planning on placing her ethnicity center-stage.

When Disney presented Tiana, Disney’s first African-American Princess, in “The Princess and The Frog” (2009) a producer emphasized the pivotal role her heritage had on the movie making process.

“We wanted her to bear the traits of African-American women and be truly beautiful,”producer Peter Del Vecho told The New York Times.

The fact that Disney doesn’t seem to want to do the same with Sofia has Latino activists like Lisa Navarrete upset.

“But with Sofia, it’s like, ‘Oh, by the way, she’s Latina.’ That just doesn’t make any sense. It really bothers me,” the spokeswoman for La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy organization, told The Daily.com.

Disney’s decision to not emphasize her heritage and to portray this ‘Latina’ princess  with a fair complexion, light eyes, and reddish-brown hair have many questioning if her character is one the Latino community can relate to.

Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think. Is Sofia a true Latina Disney Princess?


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  1. Jane C.H. Garcia

    I’m not entirely surprised Sofia’s Hispanic ethnicity is incidental vs. the focus of her platform. Unfortunately, Hispanics are absolutely sure to be offended by any and every portrayal of themselves (and I’m speaking as a Cuban-born American). If she looks as Sofia does, you have the backlash that she doesn’t represent how “real” Latino’s look because she’s too fair. If she looks more like Penelope Cruz then they’re accused of stereotyping and ignoring the wide range of shades, hair textures and social strata. Neither Hollywood nor Disney can win. Either their portrayal is “too” Latina or not Latina enough and the vocal majority will always complain. Ironically, this is EXACTLY why we’ve become a thorn in their side. Rather than ignite a controversy for trying to shine some light on the Latin culture, they’ve steered clear completely and decided to make her Hispanic ethnicity incidental to the story. And I say, good for them! Until we Hispanics stop with the incessant complaining about no one capturing the perfect portrayal we seek (which is obviously impossible, given how personal this is) and implying nefarious intent, we’ll be completely and utterly IGNORED. Bravo Latinos for successfully alienating the Disney enterprise too!

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