NHMC Poll: Non-Latinos Believe Media Stereotypes About Latino Americans!

In an age in which technology is rapidly developing, media is becoming more accessible to more people. More people are audiences to the same things, and thus being affected by the those same few things. While the expansion of large scale media has promoted a globalization and synthesis of culture, there are some drawbacks.

A recent poll by the National Hispanic Media Coalition notes how easily influenced and susceptible people are to media. Whether subconsciously or consciously, poll respondents -after just one minute of watching the given media- changed the way they view Latinos. When asked if Latinos were intelligent, those who consumed negative news and entertainment pieces were much more likely to rate Latinos as unintelligent, while those who consumed positive pieces were much more likely to rate Latinos as intelligent.

Interesting! huh?

To read more about the poll: http://www.latinheat.com/2012/09/12/nhmc-poll-negative-media-portrayals-fueling-stereotypes-about-immigrants-and-latinos/

A copy of the full poll results is available at www.nhmc.org/reports.



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