Columbian Philanthropist, One of CNN’s Top Ten Heroes of 2012

Catalina Escobar began to dedicate her life to saving young children in Columbia in 2000, leaving behind a successful business career running her own international trading company. While she volunteered in the maternity clinic at one of the largest hospitals in Cartagena, Colombia, she witnessed numerous teenage mothers losing their infants due to their inability to pay for treatment. Once she experienced the tragic loss of her child, she took action in her community because she did not want others to feel the same pain.

She went to the heart of the problem in her area- the “20% of girls between 15 and 19 years old” going through pregnancy in a city “where one-third of residents live at or below the poverty line (CNN Heroes). Escobar created a program in the middle of the slums to empower these young ladies through education and counseling.

Each of the ten finalists of CNN Heroes will receive $50, 000 towards her project. One finalist will be chosen through public vote this December in “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” to receive $250, 000.

One person can make such a big difference. Check out the other finalists here: CNN Top Ten Heroes List


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