A Majority of the Unemployed Have Attended College

From The Atlantic:

For the first time ever, most of the people unemployed have attended some form of college. As tuition prices steadily rise and job prospects drop, does this mean that college is no longer worth it? Not necessarily, the statistics feature all people who have ever gone to college, but not all those that have graduated. Instead, the statistics show that more than ever more people people are enrolling in college, but not as many are graduating. Only 56% of those who embark on a bachelor’s degree finish within six years. As a result many people are ending up in debt and have no degree to show for it, thereby making their job prospects no better. College still proves to be a great long-term investment: “Graduates have lower unemployment. They earn more. And the gap between what college and high school graduates make is only growing.” The short-term costs, however, are too much for many to handle.

Read more at The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/05/for-the-1st-time-ever-a-majority-of-the-unemployed-have-attended-college/257490/?google_editors_picks=true


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