ABC News, Univision to Launch English-Language News Channel

From the LA Times:

Walt Disney Co.’s ABC News and Univision Communications will launch an English-language, 24-hour news channel in 2013. The unnamed channel will begin publishing online content this summer, covering the 2012 elections where the Latino vote is expected to have a huge impact.

Latinos now make up 16% of the U.S. population and many are looking for ways to reach out to “young and upwardly mobile Latinos who have disposable income and are fluent in English.” Although the U.S. Latino population grew 43% between 2000 and 2010, the majority of that growth is due to American-born Latinos, not new immigrants. Thus, Univision, the major Spanish-language news source in the U.S., is looking to make up for the fact that it’s key demographic will be shrinking in the near future. The company now needs to be able to reach out to both Spanish- and English-speaking Latinos. ABC is hoping to challenge rivals NBCUniversal and Fox News, both of whom already have Spanish-language and other Latino-related channels in addition to their own news networks.

Read more at the LA Times:,0,4603600.story


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