Living the DREAM: Undocumented Youth Build Lives in America

From The Atlantic:


The Atlantic profiles Connecticut Students for a DREAM (C4D), a non-profit group founded by and advocating for undocumented students. The group travels around the state informing undocumented students about college access (for example, to leave the social security number blank on college applications, the fact that they’re eligible for private merit scholarships, etc.) and encouraging students to ‘come out’ as being undocumented. ‘Coming out,’ however, is difficult because it requires publicly announcing the fact that one is in transgression of federal law and thus subject to deportation at anytime, as result most members of C4D do not publicize their residential status.

The article profiles several undocumented Connecticut students, including:

Nico López: Nico arrived to the US at age 7 and overstayed his tourist visa. Nico is now graduating with honors from a high school in Stamford, CT but has limited post-high school options since he cannot attend a public school or receive federal financial aid.

Lorella Praeli: Graduated summa cum laude from Quinnipiac University in 2011. Was among the first to ‘come out.’

Raúl García: Arrived in the US illegally at age 2. Was involved with gangs and drugs until high school graduation, then enrolled in community college with a fake social security number.

Read more at The Atlantic:


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