Trayvon Martin: Latino Silence Over Zimmerman Draws Fire

From Fox News Latino:

The Trayvon Martin case has been recently complicated by the fact that shooter George Zimmerman is identified as a ‘White Latino.’ Rush Limbaugh has criticized the National Council of La Raza for failing to mention Zimmerman’s Latino ethnicity in their official commentary on the case. Others wonder why there hasn’t been more solidarity with Latinos and Latino groups standing behind George Zimmerman “seeing as how he is the victim, how he was assaulted.” Lisa Navarrete, spokeswoman for La Raza, said that she wants to see a full investigation, and that “If findings are consistent with what is being reported in the media then everybody who has played a role, regardless of race, should be held accountable.” Navarrete further elaborates that the media initially tried to place this incident in a black-white paradigm, “but it didn’t fit.” Many people in America are unaware of the diversity within the Latino community, and are confused by the term ‘White Latino.’

“This is much more complex than simply saying this guy is Hispanic and we (Hispanics) have to defend Hispanics,” said Angelo Falcon, president of the National Institute for Latino Policy. “There is a whole question going on like, ‘Are Hispanics capable of being racist?’ ‘Why are they calling him a white Hispanic?’… That shows a lack of understanding about the Latino community.”

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