Interracial Marriage

According the American Community Survey, interracial marriages in the United States have climbed to 4.8 million, with Latinos as one of the major driving forces behind the trend. Interracial unions and mixed-race children challenge the typical notions of race. At the same time the rise in interracial marriage indicates that racial relations have improved over the past quarter century, according to Daniel Lichter, a sociology professor at Cornell. While America still has has a long way to go this a great sign.

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  1. This could be true I am Mexico born, married to an African American woman and my brother’s girlfriend of five years is also AA and though it has been difficult to deal with the ignorance in certain areas and of friends we are very happy. It really is not and should not be such a big deal, no one in this world is pure anything because people have been moving from the beginning of time and if we latinos research our history we would all realize most of us if not all of us are not pure. My father is spanish and my mother is blonde with blue eyes. She was born in Mexico and so were her parents and theirs too but we should all know that blond hair and blue eyes are not Mexican and neither are our European names. Quit with the hatred. It is a waste of time and people will love, marry, and sleep with whoever they want no matter how it makes you feel.

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