DPP Campus Peer Dialogues- Winter 2012- APPLY NOW!

Winter 2012
* DPP Campus Peer Dialogues *

7 weeks of meaningful peer discussions
meet from 7-8pm on Thursdays
OR from 7-8pm on Mondays
January 12 – February 23

SEND your APPLICATION to “DPP” by 5PM on FRIDAY, January 6


Are you…
* hungry for “real” conversations about social identity?
* seeking exchanges wherein different opinions are truly respected?
* in need of a place to ask those tough questions?
* interested in learning more about equity issues?
* a first year, sophomore, junior, or senior? (15s, you can apply this term!)

We will be discussing six primary areas of social identity:




What are the commitments?
* attend one hour small group discussions for 7 consecutive weeks
* get together weekly with an assigned student partner to discuss assigned topics
* complete short journal reflections

What have past participants gained?
* “It gave me a chance to step outside myself and my own world view.”
* “The program provided me with a safe space for honest dialogue and
reflection. I feel empowered in my everyday activities and now I have a
community and a group of friends that I can talk to.”
* “The program allows deep conversations to take place, which is a HUGE
benefit, considering how we cannot truly understand certain issues without
getting personal.”
* “I thought that I knew everything about the issues related to diversity
until I participated in this program. It was a lot more engaging and
challenging than I expected.”

How do I apply?
* Fill out this application-

Campus Involvements:
D-Plan (terms on):
Dietary Restrictions (if applicable):

Response Questions:

1) Involvement in DPP Campus Dialogues demands a one hour group meeting and
a one hour pair meeting every week. How do you plan on prioritizing this
program in regards to your other campus commitments?

2) Why do you want to participate and what aspects of it are of particular
interest to you?

3) What aspects do you hope to learn the most about from this program and why?

4) Winter term’s groups will meet on Mondays from 7-8 pm and Thursday from 7-8 pm.
If accepted, you will be assigned to one of the weekly sections. Would you be available
either night and, if so, do you have a preference?

SEND your APPLICATION to “DPP” by 5PM on FRIDAY, January 6

Sponsored by OPAL’s Diversity Peer Program (DPP)
Contact Cally Womick ’13, Janet Kim ’13, and Gina Greenwalt ’14, and Matty Sturm ’13 with questions.


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