Take Dartmouth Home!

Wish there were more Latin@ students on campus?

Want a bigger, stronger, more vibrant Latin@ community?


I have the SOLUTION for you!

STOP wishing they were here and go out and RECRUIT them!

This winter break,

Take Dartmouth Home


The Take Dartmouth Home (TDH) program is a way for current students to conduct a school visit at their former high school or the high schools surrounding their home cities to expose current high school students to Dartmouth.

The Admissions Officers cannot visit every high school or city (though I’m sure they’d like to!), so what better way is there to reach out to these high school students than to have a former peer (and familiar face) tell them all about it! As part of our team, you will be visiting your former high school or high schools in the area to talk to these prospective students about your experiences, answer questions, and distribute information about Dartmouth.

We’ll give you all of the materials including the electronic Power Point presentation file and brochures. All you have to do is sign up, download the file, and make those visits!

If you are interested in conducting a school visit in your area over winter break, go to http://www.dartmouth.edu/admissions/students/tdh and follow
the instructions on the webpage. If you have any questions, please contact take.dartmouth.home@dartmouth.edu.


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